#1,814. who ever might be up in the sky looking down upon everyone..Please help me have some peace with my life. I just want someone to love me as deeply as I have loved. I would like a grown up that doesn’t play games. Until the universe wants to send me that special someone I need my mind to be clear of all things boy, it is a big distraction and I have a lot of living to do.

texas girl in missouri 


Dear followers,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve slacked off for 6 months or so, but I promise that as long as the confessions keep coming in, i’ll start posting again!¬†

#1,813. I am extremely happy with my boyfriend right now, but I’m starting to become one of those people who doesn’t realize what they’ve got till they’re gone.


#1,812. You’re a fucking cunt and you’re going to die alone and bitter. You’re always yelling and bitching and pushing everyone away; Then you cry because you say no one loves you. Well no one does. And for good reason.

Waco, Texas


#1,811. I wish youd loose weight you fucking lard

#1,810. So tired of random sadness. I want to be able to let go of you..for good this time. I want to let go so I can move on with someone who makes me feel special. I hope to him I mean as much as he makes me feel I do.. hopefully I’ll get to see this summer when we can be together again…


#1,809. I don’t want your sympathy, I just want you and me to go back like how we used to be, but you’re with her now and I’m all alone with the memories of yesterday…



#1,808. you know you’re messed up when you look through all the pictures of girls you went to high school while praying they gained weight.



#1,807. Cancer fucking sucks! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. To watch someone who used to be so strong turn into a different person is heartbreaking. I look at him and see the big strong father I thought was invincible, now a tiny frail man who can’t walk or talk or eat and my jaw hurts from trying to control myself from crying in front of him. They told me yesterday that he only has 3 months left. He is in so much pain. yeah cancer blows. My friends don’t know what to say and they want to cheer my up but I just want to deal with it my own wayC



#1,806. I wish I would have waited to have sex. I never wanted to become a young mom :(

lake forest, ca